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About us


Welcome to Broken Cage Studio, a full-service production company founded in 2017.

Our focus is your story. We believe in strong family values, we believe in talent, fearlessness and courage to be outspoken. Broken Cage Studio takes a cinematic approach to each of our clients. Cinema and storytelling are at the essential part of our world and it shows in the unparalleled products we deliver to our clients.

With services including TV commercial, film, documentaries and web video production, distribution and consulting, we strive to offer the highest quality work possible within your budget.


Our Team

At Broken Cage Studio, we always have one goal in mind and that is to bring an innovative and creative approach to filming. 

Our team of international specialists has traveled around the world to deliver new vision and inspiration. Our company’s ability to film even at the most distant part of the world - from the Arabian Desert up to the snowy mountains in the Himalaya, brings out a creative taste to all our projects.